bon appetit :3 #tofusoup #instagood #foodporn #didntlikethisnewplace (at Young Dong Tofu)
its friday, friday, gatta get down on friday :P #photooftheday #selfie #mustache #celfie #instagood (at Newport Pier)
dinner with the fambam a couple days back #foodporn #ayce #lobster #nomnomnom #latepost (at The Luxe Buffet)

Tram Ly :]
- o6.13.92 [22yrs old]
- Vietnamese
- Gemini

-instagram: trameeee-
-twitter: happytram-
-youtube: trammytram-
-facebook: trameeee-

i Adore:
- blue / green
- foods, nail polishes, fashion, make-up
- coca-cola
- roller coaster
- 50 shades of grey triology
- twilight saga
- Big Bang & 2NE1

i Watch:
- glee
- the big bang theory
- white collar
- the vampire diary
- once upon a time
- [how i met your mother]
- pretty little liar
- the orginals
- [breaking bad]
- the walking dead
- ravenswood
- american horror story
- 2 broke girls
- [heroes]
- game of throne
- [dexter]

est: o6.o7.2o13
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